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Atherton Tablelands
from Cairns - 2 days

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Day 1

Daintree Tagestour








As we have a long eventful day ahead of us, we will pick you up from your accommodation place already at 7 am



Guide mit Gästen am Zuckerrohrfeld






South of Cairns we pass vast plantations of sugar cane along Highway No 1 towards Gordonvale.


Walsh Pyramid






At the 922 m high Walsh Pyramid we turn off towards the Atherton Tableland.


Steilstufe am Gillies Highway






After a few minutes we reach the foot of escarpment, which posed a natural barrier for traffic between the coast and the Atherton Tablelands for five decades.


Gillies Highway





In 1926, a single lane toll road was opened, which climbed 700 meters of altitude on 20 km length and via 611 bends. Today, Gillies Highway still features 262 bends.  


Blick in Mulgrave Valley mit Nebel 





En route, there are picturesque views into Mulgrave Valley.






Ancient, for many millions of years unchanged Cycads on the slopes along the highway are a reminder of Australia’s richness in living flora, which, in other parts of the world, is preserved as fossils only.


Blick vom Heale’s Outlook




Arriving at Heale’s Lookout in 604 meters altitude we notice that the air is already significantly cooler than on the coast. We enjoy last views over the Mulgrave Valley and towards Gordonvale.


Straße mit Regenwald






Abruptly, there is a change from open eucalypt bush to dense rainforest with its typical vines and tree ferns.


Passhöhe, Gillies Highway






On top of the pass the Atherton Tablelands welcome us with green pastures and rolling hills.


Anfahrt Cathedral Figtree





From the highway we turn off towards the Cathedral Fig Tree.


Guide erklaert Regenwald









During the short walk to the Cathedral Fig Tree your guide explains the typical features of upland rainforest.


Cathedral Figtree








Like a pillar of a cathedral this 500 year old giant of a tree grows towards the light.



Cathedral Figtree








The network of fused roots tempts for a climb.



Lake Barrine - Ansicht von oben






Our next stop is Lake Barrine, a 65 m deep volcanic crater lake.


Frühstück im Lake Barrine Teahouse






On the verandah of the teahouse we enjoy panoramic views of the lake whilst having coffee or tea and freshly baked scones.


 Kauri-Kiefer  Kauri-Kiefer

Only a short distance from the teahouse we marvel at two of the few still remaining gigantic Kauri Pines on the Tableland.

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